Ibex Snow Socks size 38-41


MowMow SnowSocks – for people who want to be on the slopes all day.

Our anatomically shaped MowMow® ski & snowboard socks are treated with the famous silver ions. This technology fight odors so that you can wear these ski socks for several days in a row without any problems.

In addition to keeping your feet nice and warm and dry, these socks have compression straps that support the calves. The cushioned footbed helps absorb shocks while the padded ankle piece keeps your foot extra firm and secure. Extra shin cushioning provides improved blood and oxygen circulation allowing for the longest of descents to be enforced without minimal discomfort.

With these socks you go well prepared to the snow and you can blast off the slopes for long days. 
These MowMow socks ensure that your tired feet do not suffer too much during the day, but can recover quickly so that you can take the first lift again the next day!


  • Compression straps, support and stabilize the calf muscle
  • Padded Achilles tendon and ankle pad keep you safe and stable
  • Extra shin cushioning, improves healthy circulation of blood and oxygen
  • Cushioned footbed to absorb shock
  • Traded with silver ions to smell bad odors
  • Special left/right knitted teen piece for anatomical fit
  • Elastic arch for extra support
  • Large air channels above the foot
  • Cushioned teen piece for added warmth