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New in the Reboot Optics collection - The classic Wayfarer frame. The first model in sunglasses history is made from a super light polycarbonate frame and equipped with polarizing lenses. We have four popular color combinations so there is a suitable model for every occasion. At a party, at the beach or in the mountains - at Reboot Optics you will find a matching pair.

✅ Polarizing filter on all lenses
✅ 100% UV protection
✅ Optimal wearing comfort
✅ Dutch brand
✅ Reduction of glare from water and snow
✅ Flexible and lightweight wayfarer frame - 24 grams
✅ Designed to take a beating
✅ Impact resistant polycarbonate lenses
✅ Printed logo for superior recognition
✅ Reduction of eye strain
✅ Scratch resistant film over all lenses 
✅ Branded microfiber pouch for safe storage of your sunglasses
✅ Tough and stylish look

Products - blue light blockers


Are you also behind a screen all day long? Did you know that our phones, laptops and TV's are beaming a harmfull Blue Light into our eyes ?

Although Blue Light is a natural light, overexposure can cause negative side effects to your health. Insomnia, blurred vision and headaches.

Our new Reboot Optics Blue Light blocking glasses are filtering this light and helps to prevent digital eyestrain.  It makes you look good too! 


Reboot, a good night's sleep. 


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Reboot Play


Reboot Play


✅ blue light filter

✅ feather-light frame - 24 grams

✅ UV 400 protection

✅ flexible frame

✅ optimal wearing comfort

✅ popular wayfarer frame

✅ Dutch brand

✅ over 10,000 satisfied customers 

Reboot Optics is designed in the Netherlands where we create premium and affordable Blue Light Blockers and stylish sunglasses.

Our pursuit is to protect your eyes and at the same time make you look smart and sophisticated.

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